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Payment Methods

Payment Methods
Xaar-Cigarette-Papers Ltd, offer more than one method of payment, of which some offer more protection than others. Be sure to select a method of payment you're comfortable with.

Listed below are the benefits associated with the most common payment methods:

Payment Methods
Bank Deposit
Buyers deposit payment directly into xaar-cigarette-papers Ltd, bank account either online or at most banks.


Xaar-Cigarette-Papers Ltd, will be sharing account information with customers, who wishes to make bank deposits.

Banker's Draft
A secure way of receiving money from someone you don't know. Commonly used for large purchases.
Receipts are provided at the place of issue.
Banker's Drafts are usually traceable, but check with your bank.
Note: Most banks charge the person requesting the draft to pay a fee. This fee could be more than the value of your item. If choosing to pay with this method, make sure you are aware of all the fees beforehand and factor this into your final price estimate.
Cash Payment by cash is accepted for your convenient.
Credit Cards


  • Immediate and convenient
  • Limited liability: most credit card issuers provide online protection. Please read your cardholder agreement for details.

Debit card users may have less protection than credit card users for items that are not delivered, are defective, or misrepresented. Contact your card issuer to check on coverage for debit card purchases, especially if a problem cannot be resolved.

Instant Money Transfers
(such as Western Union & MoneyGram)
Money transfer services. These services are designed to allow you to send money to reputable company or people you know and trust.
Send and receive money using a credit card.
Immediate and convenient
Payment is deposited directly into the xaar-cigarette-papers Ltd, bank account.
xaar-cigarette-papers Ltd, personels don't see your credit card details (it's safely encrypted through PayPal's system), which limits the risk of unauthorised use.
Automatic payment tracking.
Personal Cheque


Traceable to a particular mailing address.
Provides proof of payment.
Most banks offer a stop payment service if problems arise before the cheque is cashed (which may incur charges).

Postal Order

An inexpensive way to send payments worldwide.

Traceable to a particular mailing address.
Easy to buy and cash at UK Post Offices.
No bank account needed.
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